Shaligrama Pujas


What are Shaligrama Pujas?

A Puja is an ancient holy Vedic ritualistic worship of God performed to keep us in harmony with cosmic forces, that can pacify and even remove obstacles in our life, while blessing us with spiritual and material upliftment. Through pujas, divine spiritual vibrations are attracted around and within us. These holy pujas bless us to eliminate the negative karmic influences in our life, increase our good virtue for all auspiciousness and enlightenment, and help surround us with powerful blessings from God which bless us with peace, love, inner and outer healing, inner and outer wealth, and above all, divine states of consciousness that enable us to reconnect with God through the divinity within us. 

Various pujas were given to humanity by God to the Rishis (holy sages) of India to profoundly bless our lives and our environment.  Some pujas like Sri Ganesha Pujas remove obstacles in our lives.  Sri Krishna Pujas bless us with divine bliss, love, wisdom, courage, enlightenment, and all divine auspiciousness.  Sri Lakshmi Pujas bless us with spiritual and material upliftment.  Sri Narayana Pujas bless us with peace, health, and enlightenment.  As such, Yogi Shyamasundara offers a variety of Shaligrama Pujas in each session that cover all aspects of our lives.  Each service takes about 3 hours to complete.  As a sponsor, you, your immediate family, and your pets will receive God's powerful blessings created by these divine spiritual processes.  When sponsoring another family, submit the name of just one member in the family; their immediate family will be automatically included.  You can either participate in person via telephone or in absentia.  Yogi Shyamasundara highly recommends that we participate in person, but either way, you'll receive the full benefits. 

Since we live in a world full of obstacles and opposing forces that give rise to constant negative karmic conditions, Yogi Shyamasundara recommends sponsoring pujas on a monthly basis to harmonize our lives and those of our loved ones through the protection of God's Grace.  Even when things are going well in our lives, it is a good preventive measure to accumulate virtuous merit to ensure a better tomorrow.  So that even if negative karma does arise, it is greatly diminished by these pujas.  If karmic problems have already ripen in your life, these pujas can help diminish and even remove those obstacles.  Shaligrama Pujas are a supreme gift from God which serve us and our family in a most auspicious and holy way. 

Sacred Shaligrama Pujas are offered once a month on full moon or auspicious days.  Your sponsorship below will include Ganesha Puja, Narayana Puja, Sri Krishna Puja, Sri Lakshmi Puja,  and any additional pujas Yogi Shyamasundara deems beneficial for that time of the year.  Please visit our Calendar for puja dates.

Please Note: To honor the sanctity of each session, please arrive with an open heart that's ready to receive and sincerely willing to participate in the entire spiritual process.  All participants are asked to be in a quiet meditative environment, completely devoted to God, where they can relax completely without distractions.  Participation with full awareness is necessary for the flowering of our inner space. 

Please call at least 5 minutes before each session so that we're ready for Yogi Shyamasundara when he arrives to offer this divine process.


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