Stanley Memorial

Stanley Memorial

Stanley Memorial

Free Shaligrama Puja Pet Service


On February 9, 2016, Yogi Shyamasundara's life-long friend, Stanley, left the body after 17˝ years of living together.  Contemplating deeply, Yogi Shyamasundara sought a way to honor the life of his meaningful friend who had showered him with unconditional love for so many years.  As he says about Stanley, "He may have had a small body, but his loving presence was huge."  Yogi Shyamasundara had been there to witness Stanley's birth and was there when he took his last breath.  Rare and precious indeed is the opportunity to experience the circle of life in this meaningful way. 

After days of missing his friend, Yogi Shyamasundara had a powerful insight.  He realized how many people suffer each day over the loss of their animal friends.  To most people a pet is a meaningful part of their family, like a sibling or child.  When this animal family member is gone, we wonder what happens to our beloved friend.  After all the years of having looked after him/her, we are left feeling helpless as to whom will take care of him now.  Of course, we all know that God is the true caretaker of all beings, but deep inside we're still left wishing there was something more we could do from our end to help our animal friend in their after-life journey.  This is where Yogi Shyamasundara saw a deep need and most importantly a beautiful opportunity to help our sweet animals friends who have left the body.  He realized a loving way to memorialize his dear friend was to serve the souls who lost their animal bodies and their caretakers who have lost their dear animal friends.

As a mystic yogi, Yogi Shyamasundara offered Stanley sacred pujas to bless his after-life journey.  These pujas are special ceremonies to God, in the tradition of the ancient yogis of India, so that the soul has every opportunity to incarnate in the highest level of consciousness possible, and even attain enlightenment.  These pujas are extremely powerful and deeply divine.  The problem is that pujas are typically offered to people not pets.  However, Yogi Shyamasundara teaches that all souls are one and that the soul of an animal is not different than the soul of a person.  "The only difference", he says, "are the limitations of the vehicle the soul inherits in that lifetime.  In the end, every soul is seeking permanent union with God.  For in the spiritual realm, all beings are souls of God's Light."  So from the love between Yogi Shyamasundara and Stanley, and Yogi Shyamasundara's compassion for all beings, this free puja pet service was born, which he inaugurated as the Stanley Memorial.

Yogi Shyamasundara will offer free Shaligrama Pujas to pets who have left the body and their caretakers left behind, so that the caretaker's heart may heal from the pain of their loss and their animal friend may receive immense blessings from God on their after-life journey.  It is a sweet loving way to reach out to our pets, to tell them how much we love them, how much we miss them, and to bless their after-life journey with the sweetness of God's Light and God's Presence.   This service is free to all who wish to receive it.  It is an act of compassion from Yogi Shyamasundara to all who have lost their animal friends. 

"Hari Om Tat Sat eternal ones. Sweet beloved souls, I understand the pain of your loss.  Healing will take time and patience.  And though I can't do anything to bring your friend back, I will do everything to bless their after-life journey to God.  It is my privilege and honor to serve you and your animal friend in a blessed meaningful way, and I hope you can feel my most sincere love from me to you and your animal family member, in this challenging time of your life.  Love is a bond that's beyond time and space, and those who are lucky enough to share it, may be separated temporarily by the laws of the universe, but can never be kept apart.  For love is God's glue that hold this whole creation together.  And though saying goodbye is most certainly hard, we can look forward to that moment when loved ones are once again reunited in oneness with God.  I love you so much dear ones.  God bless you.  Om Namo Narayanaya." - Yogi Shyamasundara

To be included in the free Stanley Memorial puja, please send us a message with the name of your pet to   Yogi Shyamasundara will then include you, your loved ones, and your animal friend in the upcoming Shaligrama Puja at no cost to you.


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